Why should we have to wait for something terrible to happen before we DO SOMETHING?!

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The Pickens County Progress is sponsoring a candidate forum Tuesday, October 16, at the Pickens County Administration building on Church Street here in Jasper.  The event starts at 6:30 p.m. Please join us if you can.  I've got something to say.

This is District 11 in the Georgia House of Representatives

District 11 includes all of Pickens County, most of Murray County, and the eastern part of Gordon County. Most voters usually elect the Republican candidate, but my main issue and concern mean much more to people than party loyalty and inflexible ideologies. On November 6, please choose wisely.

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My Platform

I will DO SOMETHING about the guns mass shooters are using to kill us, our friends, our neighbors, and our children.

I am a gun owner and I am keeping my guns, but our kids shouldn't have to worry about something terrible happening because politicians have prioritized the easy accessibility and ownership of ultra-deadly assault style weapons.

We are united by common goals and values.

Together, we can reclaim our freedom from fear and the safety that everyone deserves as we all keep foremost in our minds the undisputed value of our children's lives.

Quality public schools are the cornerstone of our republic.

   As a former teacher and educational leader, I will DO SOMETHING to ensure that public schools are always fully funded without shifting the burden to local taxpayers. Teachers deserve better pay, reduced state testing, and a streamlined fair teacher evaluation system.

Health care should be affordable and easily accessible to all of us.

I will DO SOMETHING to get our fair share of federal funds to expand Medicaid benefits as most states have already done to help the thousands of hard-working Georgians who are unfairly suffering in low-wage jobs that do not offer health insurance.

We need better jobs, not just more jobs, that enable our citizens to build affirming careers that support a family.

Attracting clean, career enabling technological niche industries and businesses is possible when political will is focused on the common good.

How our tax dollars are spent should reflect our shared value that the common good, not special interests, should benefit.

 I stand on my record as a disciplined, assertive public servant who consistently practiced conservative value-added fiscal management that benefited the common good instead of my job security.

Protecting our environment must be a priority.

I will support legislation that promotes safe and sustainable clean energy solutions.  We have a moral obligation to protect our water, our air, and our land, and we can do this while boosting economic growth.  We recycle at my house and I encourage everyone to do what they can to reduce our carbon footprints on our home planet.



   Dr. Lee Shiver served students and the public for 37 years as a teacher, graduate research assistant, elementary and high school principal, state department official, superintendent, and state school director.  He earned his B.A. in education and a masters degree and doctorate in education administration at the University of Florida.  An acclaimed innovator and change agent whose results are well documented, Dr. Shiver understands that law and policy must be grounded in our values and that responsible leaders use our values to steer the law and policy formulation process.

Second Amendment

   I am a Christian and I am a gun owner.  I am keeping my guns.  The U.S. Supreme Court in D.C. v. Heller (2008) ruled that "the right is not unlimited.  It is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose."

Candidacy Announcement


   I am Lee Shiver, former Pickens County School Superintendent, and a candidate for the District 11 Georgia House of Representatives. I retired recently after a 37-year career that included experiences as a superintendent, principal, and state department official. The thrust of my campaign confronts the most critical social and political issue of our time, and that is the escalating mass shootings that pose an unbridled threat to our collective safety and security.

   The mass school shooting in Florida on Valentine’s Day shook me.  A friend who is a priest conducted the funeral of one of the 14 high school students murdered by a killer with a legally purchased AR-15 style semi-automatic rifle. His description of his experience in a morgue to perform a sacrament over the body of the teenaged girl who had sung in his church choir turned my stomach…and my heart.

   I went to see our District 11 Representative Rick Jasperse in the Capitol. I told him I was a long-time gun owner and I was keeping my guns, but I wanted to know what he intended to do about the kinds of guns that mass shooters use to murder our children. He told me he didn’t know of anything practical that would work.

   I couldn’t believe what Rick said. I then asked him what he would be doing differently if this tragedy had happened at our local high school.

   His response was that he didn’t think he would be doing anything differently.

   I was stunned.

   I gave him a chance to reconsider his response, but he was resolute. My stomach and my heart turned again.  

   I thought about how I had cared for frightened students, nervous parents, and anxious teachers as a high school principal the day after Columbine. 

     I thought about the bewildered and visibly upset students at the Georgia School for the Deaf where I was the director in 2007 when the Virginia Tech massacre took place.

   I thought about how I had prayed and wept as an elementary school principal when the Sandy Hook massacre took the lives of 20 innocent children.

   And I thought about the kids in Parkland, the teenagers who were murdered and the grieving, shattered survivors. 

   I knew that I could not continue to enjoy my retirement and do nothing. I had to do something.

   I am running to be your District 11 Representative in the Georgia State House because the incumbent has lost sight of what is most important. 

   I believe we can all work together to do what needs to be done about these kinds of guns mass shooters are using to destroy us, our children, our families and our friends.

   Our kids shouldn’t have to worry about something terrible happening because of our inaction.

   We adults can find a rational balance between freedom and safety as we all keep foremost in our hearts the undisputed value of our children’s lives. When a politician says we can do nothing about the guns used to commit mass murder, that politician is not advocating for the value of life, no matter what his website says.

   When politicians prioritize corporate profits for the gun industry in return for political support and make unnecessary laws to kneel to the NRA, and when they pander to extremists whose relationships with guns designed only to kill people are akin to idol worship, they are placing other goals above the value of life, and they are providing neither freedom nor safety for our children.

   Party-line sheep can bleat, but they cannot lead. Americans define ourselves by doing the right thing, even when it’s hard, when most others say it can’t be done.

   Why should we wait for something terrible to happen like Florida? It's time to do something!

   To all parents, concerned citizens, and everyone who cares, let’s work together to stand up to the NRA and the big-money interests who corrupt our democracy. 

   Be fierce. Guard your young.


  I am an open book and I want you to know all about me. Transparency is important to me.  After a four-year stint as a high school English teacher in south Georgia, I began my administrative career as an elementary principal in 1982 at the ripe old age of 27. Over the years, I developed a reputation for being a fearless, innovative school leader who was brought in from the outside to fix things, lead difficult but necessary changes, and signficantly improve the overall quality of schools and school systems. 

   I was committed to helping all students and all schools.  I still am.  I saw difficult problems and I was determined to do something about them on behalf of all students and their tireless teachers to the point that I was willing to sacrifice the position I loved.

   Inevitably, I would disrupt one too many comfort zones.  These were people who were defenders of the status quo for mostly self-serving reasons.

   In retrospect, I am proud of these values-based decisions and actions that resulted in my being fired, or asked to resign, or, most recently, suspended.   As the saying goes, "The only person who never steps on anyone's toes is standing still."

   My achievements on behalf of students are well documented, as are the job promotions which filled my highly successful career   I stand on my record as a leader who always expected to be held accountable for doing the right thing.



Lee A. Shiver


Jasper, GA 30143

Email: shiverforthestatehouse2018@gmail.com

Phone: 770-547-8700 


1982  Ph.D. University of Florida. Educational Administration major with emphasis in school law and educational finance.

   Dissertation:  A Historical Review of the Development of Florida’s School Finance Plan and the Fiscal                            Equalization Effects of   the Florida Education Finance Program

1979  M.Ed. University of Florida. Educational Administration

1976  B.A. University of Florida. English/Secondary Education.

   University College Honors Program. Gator Band. Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity

1973  Summer studies at University of St. Andrews, Scotland, included   European travel with the    American Institute of Foreign Study.


2012-2015 Principal, West Town Elementary School, Dougherty County Schools, Albany, Georgia

2006-2011 Director, Georgia School for the Deaf, Cave Spring, Georgia

1999-2005 Superintendent, Pickens County Schools, Jasper, Georgia

1998-1999 Interim Principal/English Teacher, Tift County High School, Tift County Public    Schools, Tifton, Georgia 

1994-1998 Superintendent, Thomasville City Schools, Thomasville, Georgia

1991-1994 Chief, Bureau of School Improvement and Instruction, Florida Department of    Education, Tallahassee, Florida

1985-1990 Principal, Palatka High School, Putnam County Public Schools, Palatka, Florida. 

1982-1985 Principal, Kelley Smith Elementary School, Putnam County Public Schools, Palatka,     Florida. 

1980-1982 Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Education Administration, College of    Education, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida

1978-1980 Teacher, Windsor Forest High School, Chatham County Public Schools, Savannah,    Georgia. English. Grades 9-12

1976-1978 Teacher, Coffee High School, Coffee County Public Schools, Douglas, Georgia. English.    Grades 10-12

CERTIFICATION Georgia Educator Certificate. Clear Renewable Educational Leadership   (P-12) and English (6-12). Expires June 2019


 “Technology and Changing Teacher Roles: The State Level Perspective”   in Florida Technology in    Education Quarterly, vol. 5, nos. 1 & 2,   fall/winter 1993.

Going to the Wildcat Game (children’s book), Host Communications, Inc.,1995.

Going to the Gator Game (children’s book), Our Mascot Press, 1992.

“Equalization Among Florida School Districts” with Alexander, K. in Journal of Educational Finance,    vol. 9, no. 1, summer 1983.


Georgia Department of Education 2014 Title 1 Highest Progress Rewards School (West Town    Elementary)

Georgia Association for the Deaf 2007 School of the Year

Georgia School Superintendents Association Distinguished Service Award 2005

Rotary Club of Jasper (GA) Lee Arrendale Leadership Award 2005

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Super District for Quality Schools 2004-05    (Pickens County Schools)

Pickens County (GA) Retired Educators Association Outstanding Educator Award 2004

Georgia Arts Education Association Distinguished Service Award 2004 (Pickens County Schools)

Rotary Club of Jasper (GA) Youth Service Award 2002

Rotary Club of Jasper (GA) Outstanding Service Award 2001

Thomasville (GA) Rotary Club Employer of the Year 1994-95  

Florida Department of Education Commissioner’s Award for Exemplary Teamwork 1992 (School    Improvement Section)

Palatka (FL) Jaycees Distinguished Service Award 1987

Palatka (FL) Jaycees Outstanding Young Educator of the Year 1985

PERSONAL Born March 1955. Retired May 2015. Happily married and healthy with two grown children and three grown step-children. Sports fan and music enthusiast. Graduate of Taylor County High School, Perry, Florida. 

A Sincere Teacher

Here is my favorite teacher's endorsement. 

A Promise to Max

It is our moral imperative  to protect and secure the safety of the next generation.

Cleveland Campaign Video

 Good listeners and great support in Cleveland, Georgia. Many thanks to the 9th District Democratic Women’s Network. 


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